M-MIX is a fixed spiral bowl mixer suitable to range from 30 to 300 kg's dough. The machine is equipped with double motors, reversal bowl, blade shaft, safety grids and two predetermined speeds. This particular type of mixer, is suitable for bakeries and pastries, but also for pizza. Because of the bowl and spiral’s special shapes, the mixer gives the best results in terms of compactness and homogenous dough. The arm and its rotation system are designed with a special shaft’s shape, which both increases the amount of oxygen into the dough and reduces the working temperature. It is possible to reverse the bowl’s rotation and mix in the same machine whether large or small quantities of dough.


The operating mode is either manual or automatic with predetermined multiple speed.
The MIXER consists of a rounded-corner monobloc system that reduces the tension of the stress-force torsion, typical of this kind of machine. Shaft, spiral arm, safety grids and bowl are made of perfectly smooth stainless steel, in order to avoid any residue after mixing. V-belt transmits the message directly from the arm to the bowl, by using trapezoidal belts in order to eliminate the noise caused by vibrations and random movements.The system grants considerable savings and reduced costs. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a simple control panel that displays all the functions by pictograms. 
The mixer conforms to the latest EC standards.